# Using ODAM to Set up your ACE

Part III

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  1. Executive Sponsorship
  2. Building a Data-Driven Culture
  3. ODAM for Setting Up a Successful Analytics Center of Excellence
  4. Expected Outcomes and Goals for an ACE
  5. Developing a Data Analytics Roadmap
  6. The Data-Driven Product Development Process

# Into

An Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE) is a dedicated team or function within an organization that is responsible for promoting and enabling the use of data analytics to support business objectives. The goal of an ACE is to provide a centralized resource for data analytics expertise, tools, and processes that can be leveraged across the organization to drive data-driven decision making and innovation. Some key responsibilities of an ACE include:

  • Defining and enforcing data governance policies and standards.
  • Identifying and prioritizing data analytics use cases.
  • Providing guidance and support to business units in the development and execution of data analytics projects.
  • Developing and maintaining a data analytics roadmap and strategy.
  • Providing training and enablement to data analysts and other team members.
  • Evaluating and selecting data analytics tools and technologies.

The goal of an ACE is to help organizations derive value from their data assets by providing a centralized resource for data analytics expertise, tools, and processes.